Sundarban Institute of Technology (SIT) has launched a sophisticated Job Placement Cell for the convenience of the job. Its main task is to establish a quality service for Diploma-in-Engineering and 360 Hours short course passed students by establishing intimate relationships with reputable industry in the country and abroad.

The work of Placement Cell is summarized in brief.

 1. Creating Technology Based Student's Curriculum Vita, Phone Number, E-Mail Address and Data Base.
2.Provide good employment opportunities to the job seekers by contacting the 
 potential service provider, call-factory and creating a good rapport with the service providers.
3.Prepare and update the list provided on the web site.
4.Analysis Demand of labor market and According to job market arrange training to build skilled 
manpower is provided by SIT.
5.Organize Job Fair to provide better jobs for the students.
6. Publish Job Placement Magazine. Give an explanation of the names, addresses of potential students 
and possible job-giving organizations, publishing a list of mill-factory and ways to get a good job.
7.Arrange of study tour for students in renowned factories and in hands training .
8. As a part of the growth of Industry Linkage, invite higher authority and senior officials of the factory 
as Guest Lecturer. Encourage them to participate in meetings and seminars.
9.Find jobs in foreign countries, coordinate, guide and assist in joining.
10.Enlist the list of ex-students of the organization, collect information about their workplace, and 
provide their suggestions and support to the current students' employment.
11.Arrange Demo Interview and Presentation for better outcome.
12.We arrange In Campus Interview and spot job appointment  on our campus.
13.Encourage the list of former students of the organization,their work place information and provide 
suggestions and assistance to the current students' employment.
14.Career counseling is organized to get good jobs for the running student.
15.Technology wise Vocational Workshops are arranged.
Placement History: Following the passing of Diploma Engineering, SIT has an excellent endeavor
 to make every student's job suitable for them. A separate Job Placement Cell of SIT is working 
relentlessly and is providing employment to the pass students.
The picture of the success of Job Placement Cell is shown below


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