Electronics engineering was born largely from electrical engineering. Electrical and Electronic Engineering In short, many people know EEE or electrical names and electrical and electronic techniques in Bengal. The idea of ​​an electron, whose work, is found in the name. Says EEE “Soul of Engineering” or “The Science of Engineering”.

If the equation is fun to solve, the electrons of electricity do not feel uncomfortable, then the EEE will not disappoint you. If it is fun to ride the circuits, insert parallel to the resistance, Whitestone likes curse, or find fun in the complex complexes of physics or math. If you get it, just say that you are. EEE is the most suitable place to be overcome.

The classification of the EEE is spread over a much larger range. However, the EEE faculty can be divided into four sub-categories.
1.Power (power)
2.Electronics (electronics)
3. Communication (Communication)
4.Computers (computer)
EEE issues that focus on Power, Electronics and Communication and incorporate the basic essential concepts of Computers.
(Also, ECE / ETE, which focuses only on Electronics and Communication, is similar to EEE in about 70% of cases.)
EEE’s Higher Education
Today, the students have got the importance of achieving higher education in the electrical and electronic and telecommunication engineering programs. Many universities have the opportunity to read EEE.
Such as:
Bangladesh University of Engineering BUET- www.buet.ac.bd
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) – www.ruet.ac.bd
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology CUET- www.cuet.ac.bd

Job market eee
There will be no talk about the EEE’s job market. EEE is an Everlasting Subject! As long as the world survives, its demand will be there. Even if you can stay in the country like Sona Suhaga, there is an unlimited opportunity to study abroad. High standards in all over the country. In the job, there are thousands of students who have heard that they do not have the ears. If you have the talent and the talent, you will not have to sit unemployed for EEE after one year but rather the job will find you.

Admission Requirement:

  • SSC / SSC (Voc) / SSC (Dakhil) / SSC (Open) / Equal pass
  • Science / Humanitarian / Business Education
  • Minimum CGPA 2.00
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