Computer technology broadly discussed topic globalization at national and international levels Which means coordinating the theoretical and practical application of the world’s knowledge-science, technology, culture, economics and environment. The most important technology for this combination is computer technology. Computer technology ensures the use of our internet which can solve any complex problems of everyday life in moments. E-commerce, e-business, e-banking, e-police system is possible only through the development of computer technology. There is a huge demand for this course at work in the current context. This course is jointly organized in Gurukul, in some districts of the Sassag-Gurukul Education family.

There are only opportunities for computer engineering in all areas. They are: Information and Communication Technology, Banks, Insurance, Government Maintenance, Power Plant, PDB, Rural Electrification, DESCO, WASA, Electrical and Electronics Products Manufacturers, Government and Private Polytechnic Institutes City Corporation, Municipality, Vocational School , TTC, TSC, solar power, atomic research center, commercial banks, industry There are many government / non-governmental organizations, including sub-assistant engineers, as well as jobs, including garments, garment industry etc.
Courses Curriculum
Students of Diploma in Computer Engineering course get a clear idea about the use of computer and other small programs, robots and nanmukhi inventions in daily life. In addition to preparing computer programs, computer repair and training of computers for the purpose of computer design and preparation of computer programming. Is. Besides, the ideas of different computer inventions are given in Bangladesh. In addition to the theoretical classes, students receive regular practical classes so that the students can develop into a learning experience and skill. Besides, information and communication technology training is provided so that it can reflect on the present day and reflect it on its own.

Admission Requirement:

  • SSC / SSC (Voc) / SSC (Dakhil) / SSC (Open) / Equal pass
  • Science / Humanitarian / Business Education
  • Minimum CGPA 2.00
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