Civil Engineering In the world’s oldest engineering, the thing that plays on the human mind is civil engineering or civil engineering. One can imagine a civil engineer who is a civil engineer. Civil engineering civilization has been expanding since the beginning. There is no place in Bangladesh where civil engineers do not touch. The oldest, big and all engineering knowledge is the combination of this civil engineering. Civil engineers work: Civil engineers to do the job of designing, designing, formulating and maintaining high buildings, highways, bridges, water projects, power plants etc. Civil engineers conduct survey, provide technical reports, even the project manager works on civil engineers. Civil Engineer’s Ranges Since the time the Civil Engineer’s range is increasing, many branches have come out. Among them,
1) Soil Engineering
2) Structural engineering
3) Transportation Engineering
4) Water resources engineering
5) Environmental Engineering

Job Fields –
Many celery can not be found in many civil engineering, it can be found. Civille is the most jobs in Bangladesh, it is no longer unknown to anyone. After completing civil engineering, you may have to suffer for 2/1 years, because the real experience needed for any good job. If you become unwise, you will not be able to hold any further improvement.

The fields of civil engineering are:
1) Roads and populations
2) Public Works Department
3) Real Estate Company
4) Urban Development Authority
5) Multi-functional working environment
National Company
6) Department of Disaster Management, etc.
Not only in the country, but also outside of the country there are more demand for civil engineers. America’s 6th best job is civil. In the United States, a civil engineer’s monthly salary ranges from $ 80,000 to $ 120,000. Over time, the importance of civil engineers is increasing. Now they also work with fire control. They also work on the decrease in loss of fire in the fire. The role of the civil engineer in the construction of pyramids or roads of old Egypt was a remarkable contribution. They are aware of the varied ways of filing water and soil. In the end, I want to tell those who are reluctant to go to the university for admission to the university, shut their eyes and come to our world, and I promise you will be able to make the world beautiful.

Admission Requirement:

  • SSC / SSC (Voc) / SSC (Dakhil) / SSC (Open) / Equal pass
  • Science / Humanitarian / Business Education
  • Minimum CGPA 2.00
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