Skills and Training Enhancement Project (STEP)

The objective of the proposed additional financing for Skills and Training Enhancement Project for Bangladesh is to: (i) scale-up of interventions that have successfully contributed to the improvement of service delivery, (ii) minor modifications in project sub-components to improve the efficiency of implementation; and (iii) introduction of additional innovative activities. The project will further contribute to the improvement of the quality and relevance of training at service delivery level and will continue to support critical system-wide reforms that would enable diversification of skills and transformation of low-skill, low-productivity economy to high-skilled high productivity structure for global competitiveness. To contribute to the sector goals, expected project will focus on: (i) an increase in the number of graduates and direct project beneficiaries; (ii) greater relevance and quality of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programs, with trained faculty and staff, and stronger partnership with industries and employers; and (iii) increased equity in TVET programs through demand-based financing of female and disadvantaged students.

Sundarban Institute of Technology includes Skills and Training Enhancement Project (STEP) from 10th May 2016 , Memo no.: 37.00.0000.081.026.12-247
Sundarban Institute of Technology gives stipend 800/- tk per month for 100% girls and 50% boys.



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