It is the recognition of learning which has been gained in the past. This could include learning gained through experience, or a more formal learning program such as a course or qualification. RPL is a 2 day orientation and one day assessment  and certification procedure.

RPL is an umbrella term to describe the processes used to recognize learning from the past. Depending on who you speak to, and the type of learning involved, you may have also heard RPL called:

•    Accreditation of prior learning
•    Accreditation for prior informal learning
•    Accreditation of prior experiential learning
•    Accreditation of prior certificated learning
•    VAE (Validation d’aquis experience)
•    Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
•    Validation of prior non-formal and informal learning
•    Credit transfer

RPL Occupation List

 1. Electrical installation and maintenance (civil construction)  6. Motorcycle servicing
 2. Plumbing  7. Mobile phone servicing
 3. It support  8. Tailor and dressmaking
 4. Graphic design  9. Sewing machine operation
 5. Welding
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