Our Activities:

  • 4 Years Diploma in Engineering: Diploma in Engineering, also Diploma of Engineering or Diploma in Technical Education are programmers focused on practical and skills-oriented training. It aims to provide students with industry or job related engineering knowledge, scientific skills, computing & analysis, mathematical techniques, a sound knowledge of English to communicate in the field and ability to apply problem solving techniques. Read More

Technology List:

  1. CIVIL
  2. Electrical
  3. Textile
  4. Marine
  5. Computer
  6. Automobile
  7. Architecture and Interior Design
  8. Refrigeration & Air-condition
  9. Mechanical
  10. Ship-building


  • 360 Hours/ 3-6 Months Courses: The high advantage of short courses is that they can be from technically any field, regardless of what you study right now. Read More

Our Courses:

1. Computer

2. Civil Construction

3. Ready Made Garments


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